About Us

The purpose of our association is to provide a louder voice to the residents of the Granville Road Estate. Our brief is to ensure that our concerns are heard. We are keen on all residents participating in the Association and welcome your contributions and views regarding our welfare, quality of life and prosperity. This association is run by residents for residents!

GERA was set up to give a voice to the residents of :
∙ Templewood Point
∙ Harpenmead Point
∙ Granville Point.
∙ Nant Court
∙ Mountfield

Current GERA committee members

Chairman: Mohamed Ali
Vice Chairman: Eric Morgan
ActingTreasurer: Ellen Quartey-Papafio
General Secretary: Anthony Dawodu
Web Master: Besim Gerguri/Olivia Sualdea
Committee members:
Deepa Mistry
Julie Gilligan
Tracey Lee Sayers
Ellen Quartey-Papafio
Mary Abu
Martha Gill

Opinions and views expressed by committee members are personal and do not reflect views of GERA unless agreed by all committee members.

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