Friends of Childs Park

Friends of Childs Park

Dates for your Diary

– This Sunday 19 July, 11-12.30 pm: ART ACTIVITES run by Ben Uri Museum &Friends of Childs Hill Park in the Park Café.
– Sunday September 20, 2-4 pm: OFFICIAL OPENING OF MARSH GARDEN with family activities 2-4pm
– Sunday 18 October, 11-1pm: Children’s Craft Activities in the Park Café.

The Marsh Garden

We can all see how the Marsh Garden is taking shape, with its beautiful sinuous paths and planting areas. We reached an exciting milestone on 10 May when the first bed was planted out. Large numbers of local people lent a hand, and we were particularly pleased by how many children enjoyed digging and planting the flowers.

Since then the Harington students have continued the hard work of shaping and laying the paths and beds. All is going to plan, and we are looking forward to the opening on 20th Sept. when the deputy mayor of Barnet and our local councillors are coming to help us celebrate the completion of this ambitious project.

The Orchard

All the trees in the orchard survived the winter and are growing vigorously. We can look forward to quince, almond, apple, cherry and pear fruits. We have set up a working party to take care of the trees, and now have a rota to make sure they are properly weeded and pruned. If you would enjoy participating, about one hour a month, please let us know at

We are grateful to the Harington Scheme who are regularly watering the orchard.

Trees on local streets

We want the local streets to be green, as well as the park. On 26th May Andrew Digby from Barnet’s tree team led a tree walk along the streets round Childs Hill Park. Andrew identified existing trees, and also found spaces where additional trees could be planted. More trees will not only look beautiful but will help improve the air quality. Andrew is now looking into the technical issues involved in planting street trees, but all being well, will start a planting programme this coming Autumn. Barnet always lets local residents know when new trees are due to be planted near their home, so they can comment on the plans.

Albanian Children’s Day

Sunday 31 May was Albanian’s Children’s Day, and Avni, the Café manager and Friends of Childs Hill Park Trustee, organised a family programme for the afternoon. The weather was damp, but

spirits were high, and there was enjoyable singing and dancing. Thanks to the hard work of Avni’s stewards, the park was left in excellent order. We look forward to Albanian Children’s Day next year.

Rubbish in the Park

Barnet staff regularly empty bins and clear rubbish from the park. But sadly, there are still people who just drop the empty bottles and other litter on the grass. Even worse, there appear to be a few individuals who are discarding bags of food round the park, which is unhygienic and dangerous for dogs.

What can we do?

1. We have asked Barnet to install more litter-bins with lids in the playground and near the picnic tables.
2. Encourage people who are littering to use the bins.
3. Confront (politely) anyone discarding bags of food and explain the dangers. If you see discarded food, let Barnet know via their website.
4. Be prepared to pick up `safe’ litter, like empty plastic bottles, and put them in bins. The cleaner the park, the less likely others will litter.

Your ideas

Next week I am meeting Matthew and Tracy from Green Spaces to discuss further improvements for our park. I am also meeting Jon Sheaff, a landscape architect retained by Barnet to advise on the future development of their parks. If you have any ideas for making the park more enjoyable, please send them this week to and I will pass them on.

Charitable Status of the Friends of Childs Hill Park

Until recently the Friends was a community group. We decided to try to register as a CIO (a form of charitable organisation) with the Charity Commission. We have been successful, and this means we can apply to a wider range of trusts and foundations for grants. It also means that if you wish to celebrate a special event by beautifying the park, you can donate to the Friends of Childs Hill Park and gift aid it or use a charity cheque. We will use donations as you wish, for plants, children’s activities or equipment.

Our treasurer Jonny Hornig has stepped down due to pressure of work, and we are grateful for the work he has done to put our accounts on a sound basis. Anthony Myers has kindly offered to take his place, and is now our interim treasurer. Anthony, like all the Board, will stand for election this Autumn at our next A.G.M.

Ingrid Posen, Chair, Friends of Childs Hill Park

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