Yesterday was the first day of the inquiry into the Granville Rd development plan. Barnet council representatives made submissions, presented evidence and were cross-examined by the barrister representing appellants New Granville LLP.

Key issues raised by the council in the 2014 appeal were: loss of most of the Granville Estate green space and a lack of provision for social housing and community facilities. These issues have not been addressed in the current plans. We would have expected NGLLP to alter their plans for New Granville estate to address the council’s objections but only small changes had been made to the plans of 2014.

Today there will be submissions by the residents, and on Thursday 30th June the developers. The inquiry is being held at the Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, London NW4 4AX. Please come along if you can to show your support for GERA and help save Granville Rd’s community and unique character.

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