Graham Ambler, Area Housing Manager,  wrote:

“I know that my predecessor managing the service review, Deeion Sharpe, received a petition from residents of Templewood Point and also attended a GERA meeting in January 2016. The main concern was the possible loss of Peter Green and Deeion offered assurances that it was not our intention to move him away from the estate. I can confirm that this is still the case even though the working arrangements will be different. In short, the plan is that Peter will still spend the majority of his time at Granville Road, every working day, but will be supported by a local area team who can also cover for Peter when is on leave, and he will in turn support to cover other local areas.”

It was also confirmed at a GERA committee meeting by our Housing officer Irena Nadjfeji.

Irena worked very hard to make the case for us.  Thanks also to Anthony, GERA’s secretary, for highlighting the issue and pressing the decision-makers.

It’s good to see how we can succeed when we work together.



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