Deepa and her kids

Deepa and her kids

A Granville Estate resident was so moved by the experiences of residents after the Grenfell Tower tragedy, she faced her fear of heights to raise money.

Deepa had a fear of heights and was plucking up the courage to do a sky-dive in earlier year to overcome it.

However, when the Grenfell Tower tragedy happened, she was moved to do the sky-dive for Family Action to raise money for survivors of the tragic tower-block fire:

“I got in touch with the charity Family Action when setting up my Just Giving page. Their charity appealed to me as they dealt with not only helping and supporting residents, but a key factor was the mental health side. I really believe these people who have survived this incident are 100% going to need intense counselling and will suffer psychologically for some time in the future.”

Throughout September, Deepa was supported by her community in a number of other fundraising activities to help her reach her goal. Her money boosting efforts included a dance-a-thon at Child’s Hill Primary School.

Deepa has raised a superb £750 via Just Giving page.

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