Picnic Fun Day & the creation of our Community Garden
Saturday 3rd September 2016

It was another successful turnout for this year’s annual Community Picnic and Fun Day for the residents of the Granville Road estate on Saturday 3rd September 2016.A lot of effort went into organising the event and special thanks go out to the committee members and Barnet Homes for their contributions.

Admittedly, the weather played havoc with us throughout the day, but we ensured the bouncy castle and Sumo wrestling suits were in place around 11:00 am so that the kids could get the maximum amount of enjoyment whilst the sun shone. There were a number of sumo battles which seemed to excite both the kids and parents alike.


The Arts & Crafts table comprised of a lot of things for the kids to make & do, bringing out their creative juices. The beautiful posters created were later used at the launch of the Community garden.
Dr Bike and his colleague provided a lot of servicing assistance to the kid’s bikes and we can’t thank them enough for their efforts and patience with the kids.

Dr Bike

Dr Bike

The badminton proved again to be popular amongst both parents and kids, with so many people playing the game for the first time.


The continuous flow of music, laughter, food, and drink throughout the day created a wonderfully enjoyable environment that even the grey clouds and drizzle could not dampen.
The Estate’s Community Garden was launched by the children after an enormous amount of work from a variety of people whose efforts were very much appreciated.


A big thank you to all the officials, volunteers, friends and families that helped us make it a wonderful event.
Our aim is to provide a number of events for the residents and locals throughout the year to build a better community so if you have any ideas feel free to contact us via: granvilleresidentsx@gmail.com

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