As most of you probably know on 25th February 2014 at the Hendon Town Hall, we won against the planning application submitted by New Granville LLP to build luxurious apartments for profit on our green space.

Since then we, GERA (Granville Estate Residents’ Association), have been fighting the developer’s appeal against this enquiry and the Inspector is now hearing the appeal (and the case against it) this week. It started yesterday (28th June 2016 ) at 10am and will go on probably for the rest of this week.

Tuesday 29th June (today) is the day GERA and CLAN are giving evidence, so it’s a good day to come. If you want to speak as private individuals you have that right at a public enquiry.

PLEASE COME TO HENDON TOWN HALL, THE BURROUGHS, London NW4 4AX. BETWEEN 9.30AM AND 5.30PM and ask at reception for the Public Enquiry for the Granville Estate. (It is on the first floor in the main council chamber).


Members of GERA and CLAN raised money on Crowd Justice to be represented at this hearing but the PUBLIC ENQUIRY IS OPEN TO ALL AND THE MORE ATTENDEES, THE MORE PERSUASIVE OUR CASE WILL BE.

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